About Us

ReDeux Kidz Classic collection

Our original, Classic Redeux Kidz Collection is an upcycled vintage clothing collection for hip kidz. Redeux Kidz takes vintage finds and reworks them into cool, stylish, one of a kind pieces for your hip kiddo’s. Redeux is currently geared toward girls newborn to 14 years but, we will have a boys collection coming soon. Redeux Kidz has multiple Trunk Sales per  season and will post all info on our website.  As with every Redeux  item sold a portion of proceeds will go to a local children’s charity..

Along with our Classic Collection of one of a kind pieces ReDeux Kidz also makes Custom Halloween Costumes out of all Vintage Notions! Skys the limit, just tell us what you want and we will make it happen! We also, offer styling services for Kids of all ages. We can help you make revamp and style your child’s closet to make the most of the wardrobe they have! For inquiries email: sarah@redeuxkidz.com

Sarah  Teresinski
Mom / Proprietor / Designer

Sarah Teresinski started her professional design career in 2009 when an old friend commented on the clothing Sarah was making for her daughter. Inspired by Sarah’s work it led her to ask Sarah to design her children’s collection for an Apparel Co. in Nashville, Tennessee. With the experience she gained while working in Nashville, Sarah was inspired to create her own collection of children’s clothing. It was the love of creating things for her daughter that started ReDeux Kidz, which was officially launched in October of 2013 and has developed quite a following.

ReDeux Kidz takes vintage pieces and remakes them into stylish, ensembles for children. Sarah believes in upcycling as much as possible and always mixes old fabrics with new in all of her creations. Clothing for children should be unique, comfortable and fun! Telling a story with fashion and mixing and matching different textures and styles are some of ReDeux Kidz trademarks.

ReDeux Kidz has been a regular contributor to M magazine and currently contributes tutorials for Kansas City Vintage Magazine. Sarah has appearing multiple times on Kansas City Live, Good Day Chicago and You and Me This Morning to showcase her unique designs and fun Upcycled DIY tips for kids. It has always been really important to Sarah to give back to the children in community, so a portion of every piece of ReDeux Kidz clothing sold goes to a children’s charity or to help a family in need.